My Oshkosh 2002 Scrapbook

David Odum, August 2002

This scrapbook contains pictures and comments from my trip to Oshkosh "AirVenture" 2002.  I flew to Oshkosh in my Long EZ and camped by the plane.  I stayed for five days.  In my opinion, flying in and camping by your plane is the best way to experience Oshkosh.  Yes, I routinely call it "Oshkosh" instead of "AirVenture" and probably always will.

In my comments throughout this scrapbook, I've tried to give the reader a feeling of what it is like to experience Oshkosh.  I've also tried to be informative.  Any factual corrections would be greatly appreciated.  You will find my email address in the "About" section of

The best way to view the scrapbook is to move through it serially via the "Next" button.  There is an index, however, which facilitates going directly to a particular page of interest.  The index is available from every page in the scrapbook.  There are 109 pages in the scrapbook with one picture per page.

Technical Stuff

The pictures were taken with a 5 megapixel Sony DSC-F707 digital camera and processed in Adobe Photoshop 7.0. Most of the pictures have been reduced to 640x480 pixels and saved in a medium compression JPEG format. Some of the pictures have been cropped to a different aspect ratio. Most of the pictures are available in a much higher resolution by clicking on the image. For various reasons, not all of the pictures are available in high resolution. The file sizes of the full resolution pictures average about 600 KB each.

Copyright Notice and Disclaimer

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