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Quick, what is it?  Answer: It's a Cirrus VK-30.  This was designed as a kit/plans plane by the same folks who would later design and produce the Cirrus SR20.  The VK-30 was introduced at Oshkosh '87.  Wingspan is 39' 6".  Length is 26'.  Height is 10' 8".  Cirrus stopped accepting orders for the VK-30 in 1992 to concentrate on design, certification, and production of the FAR part 23 Cirrus SR20.  I know a fellow in Florida who is building a VK-30.


So far, you've seen pictures of a few planes in the immediate vicinity of my campsite at the southern end of Homebuilt Camping proper.  The VK-30 here is facing north.  On the other side of the drainage ditch behind the VK-30 is the area where the amphibian planes park if they don't want to park at the "Seaplane Base" further south.  It also begins the spillover area for Homebuilt Camping.  The showers are just around the corner from here so I'll go there now to shave then I'll head north to explore the rest of the Homebuilt camping area.