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The XCOR EZ-Rocket is back and uncovered so let's have a look.  There are the two rockets, one of which has its Kevlar blast shield removed.  That small aluminum cylinder is the rocket engine.  I'll highlight the actual engine in the next picture.  The aluminum tubes on the right of the engine assembly are venting tubes.  The green tanks inside the cowling hold helium for fire suppression and venting pressurization.  LOX (liquid oxygen) bottles are mounted in the back seat area.


The cylinder mounted in the pod below the fuselage is the fuel cylinder which contains isopropyl alcohol.  The rockets generate 400 pounds of thrust each.  Fuel capacity is 160 liters of liquid oxygen and 160 liters of isopropyl alcohol.  That will last a whopping 2.5 minutes at full throttle.  Max rate of climb is 10,000 fpm.