Oshkosh 2003 Scrapbook - Technical Stuff


The pictures were taken with a 5 megapixel Sony DSC-F707 digital camera and processed in Adobe Photoshop 7.0. The pictures were reduced to 640x480 pixels and saved as JPEG files with a Photoshop quality setting of 8 (high quality). A few of the pictures were cropped to a different aspect ratio. The average picture file size is 100 KB. Most of the pictures are available in a much higher resolution by clicking on the image. For various reasons, not all of the pictures are available in high resolution. The average file size of the high resolution pictures is 550 KB.

You will need an MP3 player or a suitable browser plug-in if you want to play the two audio clips. You may be able to play the audio clips by clicking on the links. If that doesn't work, you could try to save the MP3 files to your hard drive and play them from there. I use WinAmp for my MP3 player. Newer versions of Windows Media Player should play MP3 files.

The audio clip of Oshkosh tower (actually, a "MOOCOW" station) was recorded with a pocket tape recorder via a cable plugged into my airplane's rear seat headset jack. A 10,000/100 ohm resistor attenuator was built into the cable to bring the signal down to the correct level for the tape recorder mic input. The recording was made about 50 miles from the field, hence the occasional static. The radio's squelch was intentionally defeated during the recording.