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This is the TAE Centurion 1.7, a water cooled 135 hp inline four-cylinder turbo diesel. The engine achieved European JAA (JAR-E) type certification in May 2002. FAA type certification is pending. The engine is designed to run on diesel or Jet-A fuel (or any mixture of both). The gear reduction ratio is 1.69:1. Prop rpm for takeoff and max power is 2,300 which translates to an engine rpm of 3,887. Control is via single lever FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control).

Diamond Aircraft now sells a Centurion 1.7 powered version of their DA40 "Diamond Star" airplane. Diamond's DA40-TDI achieved European JAA (JAR 23) type certification in November 2002. Diamond Aircraft has sold and delivered 40 of the planes to date and expects to deliver another 40 by year-end. Diamond Aircraft's new twin, the DA42 "Twin Star", is also powered by Centurion 1.7 engines.