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This is the DeltaHawk DH160V4, a water cooled 160 hp two-stroke V-4 turbo diesel. The engine is designed to run on diesel or Jet A fuel (or any mixture of both). The engine will accept fixed and variable pitched props and can be installed as a pusher or a tractor. There is no valve train because the exhaust gasses and pressurized induction air are piston ported. A belt driven supercharger provides pressurized induction air to the cylinders for starting and for low rpm operation. The supercharger also provides a 50% power "limp home" capability in case of turbocharger failure.

The DeltaHawk's throttle control and fuel metering are mechanical and do not rely upon electronics for operation. The fuel pumps are also mechanical. According to DeltaHawk, "there are no critical systems dependent on the electrical system." DeltaHawk has been flying the DH160V4 in a Velocity since May of this year. DeltaHawk plans to market the engine to the experimental community before seeking FAA certification. Initial deliveries are expected in early 2004. DeltaHawk, Inc. is a privately owned company based in Racine, Wisconsin.