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This homebuilt version of a Great Lakes 2T-1A was completed in 1971. About 200 Great Lakes 2T-1A "Sport Trainers" were built by the Great Lakes Airplane company between 1928 and 1933. The airplane's construction was tube and fabric with spruce wing spars. The original engines were 85 and 90 hp American Cirrus inverted in-line fours. In 1933, aerobatic pilot and showman, Tex Rankin, flew a record 133 consecutive outside loops in a Great Lakes.

During the 70's, the 2T-1A was put into production again under an amended version of the original type certificate. That production run lasted about ten years and accounts for most of the type certified 2T-1A's flying today. Quite a number of homebuilt versions have been built, such as the one pictured here. In aggregate, there are a bit more than 200 2T-1A's currently registered in the USA.