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This is the legendary Polen Special II. Dennis Polen started design work on his Special II in October 1967 and first flew it in May 1972. The performance and sophistication of the design was, to say the least, unusual among homebuilts of that time. The all-metal flush riveted design is exceptionally aerodynamically clean. The landing gear is hydraulically actuated using an electric pump and sequencing valves from a T-33. The plane has a built-in four hour oxygen system with a pressure demand regulator. The engine is a 200 HP turbocharged Lycoming TSIO-360. Empty weight is 1035 lb and gross weight is 1500 lb. Fuel capacity is 45 gal. The design structural load factor is 10 G. Vne is 300 kt.

Shall I continue? Roll rate is 200 °/sec. Cruise climb is 2,500 fpm at 170 KIAS. Maximum climb rate is 4,000 fpm at 100 KIAS. Cruise climb to 22,000 ft takes about 9 minutes. Cruise speed at 22,000 ft, 75 % power, is 270 kt. Stall speed is 68 kt clean, 56 kt full flaps.

Dennis Polen had no interest in drawing up plans and marketing his design, and with good reason. Dennis's first "Special" was a Formula One pylon racer and his "Special II" required a similar set of skills to fly. Nonetheless, he was inundated with requests for plans after he wrote his enticing 1973 Sport Aviation article describing his airplane.