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This is a Grumman G-44A "Super" Widgeon. The Widgeon was conceived as a light personal/executive transport in 1940 following the success of the larger Grumman Goose. The war stalled plans for production of the civilian Widgeon but approximately 160 G-44 Widgeons were built for military use during the war. The Widgeon found its wartime niche as a submarine spotter/attacker. After the war, Grumman made some refinements to the design and started producing the plane as the G-44A Widgeon for commercial use. Approximately 100 G-44A's were produced by the time production ceased in 1949.

Several companies over the years have offered "Super Widgeon" conversions with packages that variously included higher power engines, better props, retractable wingtip floats, modern avionics, wider cabin windows, additional soundproofing, etc. This beautiful G-44 is one such Super Widgeon. There are likely only 30 to 40 Widgeons actively flying in the world today.

I'm eager to get closer to show center so let's head north out of the amphibian section, past the DC-3's, and work our way through the homebuilt camping area.