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The diffuse light of this very cloudy day doesn't make for great pictures but, given the forecast, I think I'd better take pictures while I can. This is a Cessna 140A. The 140A was introduced in 1949 and this pretty one here was manufactured in that first year. The 140A's predecessor, the 140, was first manufactured in 1946. So what are some differences between the 140 and 140A?

One major difference is the wing. The 140 had a fabric covered aluminum wing with two welded steel struts per side. The 140A's wing, on the other hand, is stressed-skin aluminum and has a single aluminum strut per side. The wing plan form was also changed from a blunt rounded shape to a more "modern" semi-tapered shape. A 90 hp Continental C-90 engine gave the 140A a five hp boost over the 140's C-85. The 140A would eventually evolve into the tricycle geared Cessna 150.