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As with the Nardi Riviera on the previous page, this airplane is also extremely rare. This is a Percival EP.9 owned by long-time EAA member Jan Christie (membership number 332). Only 27 EP.9's were built and only two (or possibly three) remain flying today. The airplane was designed in England by Edgar W. Percival as a multi-role STOL utility airplane that could be used as an ag-sprayer, hauler, jump plane, air ambulance, glider tug, etc. It is powered by a geared 270 hp Lycoming GO-480-B swinging a Hartzell constant-speed prop.

This particular EP.9 has an interesting past. It was owned by a gang of international smugglers who used it to smuggle stolen furs and counterfeit Swiss francs between England and Belgium in the late 60's. The gang was busted in 1969 and Jan bought the plane in Belgium in 1972. After three years of using the plane for pleasure flying in England, Jan moved his family permanently to the USA and shipped the plane over as well. The plane remained in storage in a Wisconsin barn until 1999 when an extensive restoration was begun. Jan flew the plane to Oshkosh in 2001, 2002, and 2003. The plane is for sale now with an asking price of $79,000. I obtained most of this information from an excellent article in the December 2002 issue of EAA's Sport Aviation Magazine.