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Here is another highly polished beauty. This Bonanza is the third oldest Model 35 Bonanza still flying. It was the 18th one to roll off the assembly line, serial number D-18. It was built in late 1946 and first flew in January 1947. It has fabric covered ailerons and flaps in keeping with its original manufacture. Beechcraft switched to magnesium ailerons and flaps beginning with serial number D-41.

After being neglected for decades, this Bonanza was beautifully restored by its current owner, Barry Weber of Livermore, California. According to Barry, "It was restored to be exactly as it left Beechcraft field in 1947". Barry was awarded a Bronze Lindy trophy this year for his Bonanza which won the Classic Class III division (151-235 hp). In 1996, Barry was awarded a Bronze Lindy for his plans-built Long EZ.