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This is one of four unlimited racers that will be flown in short mock races several times during the show. These planes will also race with other unlimited racers at the National Championship Air Races in Reno, Nevada this September. This plane is is "September Pops", a Hawker Sea Fury owned by Dennis and Brian Sanders. The plane is fitted with a Wright R-3350 engine and flies Reno circuits at speeds of about 400 mph. Last year, this plane's sister ship, September Fury, flew several Reno qualifying laps at over 450 mph while the P-51 "Dago Red" flew a quaifying lap at record speed of 497.8 mph. Will this be the year that the elusive 500 mph record is broken at Reno?

The Hawker Sea Fury was designed during WW II but didn't see production until just after the war. Here is a brief history of the Hawker Sea Fury.