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The Sukhoi Su-29 is a two-place Russian-built fully aerobatic airplane. It is powered by the powerful 360 hp geared supercharged M-14P radial (or optionally the 400 hp M-14PF). The aircraft is manufactured by Advanced Sukhoi Technologies (nka, Advanced Technologies for Aircraft Manufacturing), a Russian company with close ties to the world-renowned state-owned Sukhoi Design Bureau. The Su-29 is registered in the Experimental Exhibition category in the USA. You can learn more about the Su-29 from SnapRoll Aerobatic which is the exclusive USA dealer for Sukhoi aircraft and parts.

I may come back to the IAC area later because there are still more aerobatic airplanes to see but I'm eager to get to the warbird area while the weather is good, so northward I trek.