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Here is yet another variation on the Hatz. This Hatz "Classic" was built by Ron Benell from Brighton, Colorado. His first flight was March 31 of this year. Ron was awarded an Outstanding Workmanship Plaque at the show for his beautiful Hatz Classic. The engine is a Lycoming O-360.

The Hatz "Classic" was introduced by Billy Daswon in 1996. Dawson's Hatz Classic was a Grand Champion winner at Oshkosh in 1997. One of several differences between the original Hatz CB-1 and the Hatz Classic is the Classic's use of wood formers and stringers to produce a fuller shape more reminiscent of the biplanes of the 30's. The Makelan Corporation offers plans and kits for the Hatz Classic. The American Hatz Association sells plans for the Hatz CB-1.