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After seeing my scrapbook last year, Garrett Nievin of EAA's Flight Line Operations sent me an email inviting me to stop by for a peek at their operation this year. The Flight Line Operations building is located at the north end of the warbird area adjacent to runway 9/27. From left to right is Garrett Nievin, Fred Stadler, and Phil Myrkle. They are all veteran EAA volunteers at Oshkosh. Garrett is the current Chair of Flight Line Operations. At the moment they are trying to figure out what's dangling from the door of a Cessna taxiing out for departure. Garret is on the radio to a volunteer on the taxiway.


Flight Line Operations are the folks who get you from the runway to your parking space when you arrive and then back to the runway when you are ready to depart. The job is largely handled by an army of semiautonomous volunteers on the field. The folks in the Flight Line Operations building operate in a managerial role—they are in charge of both the "big picture" and exception handling. The system has been fine tuned over the years and works quite well. During "crunch time", it would be impossible to manage the operation from any central location without a well honed system in place and an army of volunteers on the field who can perform their duties with little supervision. After Garrett explained some of the operation to me, Fred invited me to join him as made the rounds among some of the volunteers on the field.