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This is Virgil Stucker and his wife Diane. I met them at the homebuilder's hospitality tent during the rain shower. This is their first time to Oshkosh and they are having a great time. Virgil finished his Avid Magnum in 1998 after about 1000 hours of construction. His engine is a Lycoming O-320. Update note: Virgil has put together a nice picture chronicle of his Oshkosh trip on his home page.

Do you remember my "day one" comment about a much worse alternative to my parking spot? Well, the Stucker's were the unfortunate recipients of that much worse alternative. They were ushered to the southern terminus of the homebuilt camping "annex", row 151, which is a half mile south of my parking spot. Thankfully, they were able to move north to this much better spot the next day.


When I told Virgil about my air mattress leak, he offered some of his "200 mph duct tape." I took him up on the offer and, with the help of some soapy water, I found the leak and patched it. The duct tape looks like it will hold but I don't want to take any chances so now I'm a mission to find a permanent fix. I have a pretty good idea where to find it.