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Bombardier's two new fuel injected water cooled V-6 engines made their public debut at Oshkosh. Both engines displace 3.1 liters (189 ci). The model V-220 is a 220 hp naturally aspirated engine while the V-300T is a 300 hp turbocharged variant. The engines have accumulated over 7,000 test stand hours.

The V-300 pictured here is installed on a Murphy Moose. The engine has about 20 hours in this plane. Another V-300T has about 150 hours in Piper Cherokee. The PSRU (gearbox) reduction ratio is 3:1. Takeoff power and maximum continuous power are achieved at 6,000 rpm so the prop will see a maximum of 2,000 rpm. The cruise rpm range will be 4,650 to 5,100 rpm which translates to a prop rpm of 1,550 to 1,700. The relatively low prop rpm will keep tip speeds and therefore prop noise low. I saw this plane flying yesterday during its showcase demonstration and it did seem very quiet.