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I arrived in Oshkosh on Wednesday evening at the close of the second day of the show.  Homebuilt/Showplane Camping was pretty much full.  The Red-Shirts directed me south to row 100 in Homebuilt/Showplane Camping (hereafter referred to as simply Homebuilt Camping).  This is the southern end of Homebuilt Camping proper but there was spillover further south.  Row 100 is close to the beginning of runway 36L.


This picture was taken facing south.  That is my Long EZ on the left.  The fellow off my left wing in the Stinson 108 Voyager flew to Oshkosh from Oregon.  Behind his Stinson is a Beach 18.  Behind my Long EZ is a Grumman Goose.  Behind the Goose and the Beech are two DC-3's, one of which has several tents under the wing.  Yes, this is Oshkosh all right.  Now it's time to setup camp before sundown.