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As I was setting up camp this beautiful PA 18-150 Super Cub floatplane taxied past heading south.  I assume he was going to the land amphibian parking area just a few hundred yards south of where I was parked.  There is a "Seaplane Base" even farther south for those who wish to park in the water.  Ok, enough playing around with the camera.  Further picture taking will have to wait until morning because I have to finish setting up camp, hopefully before sundown.


A little after 9 PM I had everything set up and sorted out to my satisfaction.  After my shower I was ready to pack it in for the night.  It's amazing how quiet things get on the field at night.  The airport closes to all traffic at 8 PM.  The planes will be making noise again at 7 AM sharp and it's hard to sleep through that.  This far south in Homebuilt Camping, though, I'll be spared the yodeler's wake up routine over the PA system.