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Ok, let's have a look around the immediate area. For those who want to get their bearings, the following is a rather detailed description of where I am in relation to the show grounds. I'm standing about 100 yards east of my tent and I'm facing NNW. The threshold of Runway 36 is behind me. The grass ultralight runway across the road is visible under the left DC-3's wing. On the extreme right of this picture you can see the southern end of homebuilt/showplane camping proper (hereafter referred to as simply homebuilt camping). Homebuilt camping extends north from that point, paralleling runway 18-36. There are a succession of other designated airplane parking areas north of homebuilt camping ending with warbird parking at the north end of the show grounds. Continuing west from warbird parking is the huge "North 40" general aviation camping area.

The DC-3 on the left is for sale. It's missing its rudder and ailerons but I won't bother to ask why as I'm not in the market for a DC-3.