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Ok enough about engines. Let's get back to airplanes. This Meyers 200A was manufactured in 1959 by the Meyers Aircraft Company. The airplane's construction is a mix of welded steel tube and aluminum skin monocoque. After its introduction, the Meyers 200 quickly gained a reputation for being fast and strong. Only 45 of the Meyers 200 series were produced between 1959 and 1966. The last model produced was the 200D.

In 1966 Allen Meyers sold the design, the type certificate, and the manufacturing rights for both the 200 series and the earlier 145 series to Rockwell-Standard. In 1967, Rockwell-Standard merged with North American Aviation to become North American Rockwell. Rockwell produced 77 of the 200D models and sold them as the Aero Commander 200 until production ended in 1968. North American Rockwell is now Rockwell International and has divested itself of all its former aircraft manufacturing divisions.