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After Rockwell ended production of the Aero Commander 200 in 1968, the type certificates for the Meyers 145 and the Meyers 200 were acquired by Interceptor Corporation. After three years and several million dollars in development, Interceptor Corporation was awarded a type certificate for the Model 400 "Interceptor", a turboprop development of the 200 series. The airplane pictured here is an Interceptor 400. The engine is an 840 shp Garrett TPE-331 turboprop flat rated to 400 shp. The airplane is owned by Prop Jet, Inc., dba Meyers Aircraft Company.

There have been several attempts to resurrect the Meyers 200 and the earlier Meyers 145 over the years. The tale is too long and convoluted to detail here. Those who want to know more can read about it on the new Meyers Aircraft Company web site noted above. For those who do read the history, here is a footnote. In March 2003 the assets, design rights, and type certificates for the Seminole Indian Tribe's Micco aircraft were acquired by LanShe Aerospace, LLC, of Ft. Pierce, Florida.