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Here is another airplane with an unusual wing design. Check out the plan form of this beautiful Ryan SCW. This SCW was manufactured in 1938 and is owned by Brad Larson, of Santa Paula, California. The SCW seats two people up front with room in the back seat for a child or perhaps a squeezed-in adult. The engine is a 165 hp Warner radial. The "SC" stands for for "Sports Coup" while the "W" signifies the Warner engine.

WW II abruptly ended SCW production as Ryan went to full production of the Ryan PT series of trainers. Only 13 SCW's were built by the factory and one was built in the 50's from leftover factory parts. Of those 14, a remarkable 9 are still registered with the FAA and 4 or 5 are still flying. In 1975, Budd Davisson filed this pilot report after he flew the SCW pictured here. Another pirep, and some history, can be found at the Williams Flying Collection.