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Pretty, yes? It almost seems as if the plane should start flapping its wings and takeoff over the trees. This is, of course, is a "gull wing" Stinson Reliant. The gull wing for the Reliant was adopted in 1936 starting with model SR-7. Earlier Reliants had a more conventional wing. The the SR-9C pictured here was manufactured in 1937 and is powered by a 260hp Lycoming R-680-B5. Stinson produced 475 civilian gull wing Reliants (series SR-7 to SR-10). Today, 93 remain on the FAA registry.

Civilian production of the gull wing Reliant ended with the start of WW II. During the war, however, about 500 gull wing Reliants were built as the model AT-19 for the British Royal Navy. After the war, about 350 of those planes were returned to the USA where most of them were refurbished and sold as the Stinson V77. Today, 156 of the AT-19 and V77 gull wing Reliants remain on the FAA registry.