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Even in the rapidly diminishing light, this 1946 Temco "Super" Swift is absolutely gorgeous. The blue paint is almost iridescent. The stripes and accents are polished aluminum. Although some Swift aficionados may disagree, I believe that the modified engine cowling is a distinct aesthetic improvement over the original grilled front. Under the cowling sits a 210 hp Continental IO-360D manufactured by Rolls Royce, a significant power increase over the original 125 hp engine. The beautiful sliding canopy is obviously not standard issue either.

The sign on the canopy lists some of the modifications and conversions that have been incorporated plus some performance data. Approximately 1,500 Swifts were manufactured from 1946 through 1951 when production ceased. Here is a brief history of the Globe/Temco Swift. Here is a Swift pilot report written by Budd Davisson in 1969.