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The 7/8 scale replica Nieuport 11 was designed in 1984 by Graham Lee. Unlike most "tube and rag" designs, the tubing for this airframe is aluminum and is joined together with pop riveted gussets and bolts. The wings are also constructed of aluminum tube. Here are some specs for the plane. Plans are also available from the same site.

This airplane will be auctioned off in August 2003. It is one of 14 identical aircraft built by a group who call themselves the Noon Patrol. Proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Noon Patrol's local EAA chapter 292 in Independence, Oregon. The Noon Patrol's web page has excellent construction photos documenting the construction of their 14 airplanes. On Memorial Day of 2003, the Noon Patrol rolled out their planes and took this nice group photo.