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It looks like the rain is getting closer. It's almost 7 PM so if the rain keeps coming this way I'm going to head back to my tent and call it a day. This airplane is John Dyke's remarkable four-place "Dyke Delta" JD-2. John built his Delta in 1962 when four-place homebuilts were very rare. The seating is unusual in that the pilot sits by himself in the front and up to three passengers sit behind the pilot in a single row. The two passengers with the window seats have all the leg room they could possibly need because of the ample floor space on either side of the pilot's seat.

The Delta has retractable landing gear and the wings fold up and over the fuselage for easy towing—no trailer required. The engine is a 180 hp Lycoming O-360. Cruise speed is about 170 mph. The windshield extends all the way up over the pilot's head which affords excellent visibility. Airframe construction is largely welded steel truss with a fiberglass skin attached with flush blind rivets. Notice the shape of the upper surface of the fuselage—the fuselage provides significant lift! More than 400 Dyke Delta plans have been sold and there are about 45 flying today with another 15 or so still in active (or simi-active) construction.