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This beautiful straight-wing fighter is the Soko Galeb (sea gull) G2-A, manufactured in former Yugoslavia. The prototype first flew in 1961. Production began in 1963 and ended in 1983. The engine is a 2,500 lb thrust Rolls-Royce Viper turbojet. Soko is now a 67% state-owned joint-stock company located in Bosnia-Herzegovina and is not currently manufacturing aircraft.

This Galeb is one of seven imported to the USA in 1988. According to the owner, the Galeb's performance is virtually identical to that of the L-39 Albatross. The Rolls-Royce Viper engine has a TBO of 4,500 hours. The owner claimed that his annual maintenance costs are less than the maintenance costs for a high performance single-engine airplane such as a Bonanza or Cessna 210. He did add, however, that "the fuel burn is a bit higher at 150 gallons per hour vs. 15 or so." By the way, this particular Galeb was used as a "bad guy" in the movie "Iron Eagle III: Aces". It was repainted in the colors of a South American country and strobe lights were installed in the gun and cooling jackets to simulate muzzle flashes. The plane was also shown launching its underwing rockets at the good guys.