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As I was walking over to the P-51 area, which is west of the fenced-in warbird section, I came across this monstrosity. This is Bud Wheeler's mobile test stand for Allison V-1710 engines. For more than 20 years, Bud's company, Allison Competition Engines, of Latrobe, Pennsylvania, has specialized in the overhaul of Allison V-1710 engines. Bud was doing daily engine run-up demonstrations with his mobile test stand.

Bud's mobile test stand can run either LH (left hand) or RH V-1710's and fully/variably load them using a dynamometer fabricated from the compressor section of a J-79 jet engine. Part of the compressor airflow is used to cool the engine oil via two radiators (oval shaped, silver-gray). An instrument and control panel sits in front of the engine (extreme picture right). Torque readings are obtained via a torque load cell. Here is a brief history of the Allison V-1710 engine.