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This is a Grumman TBM-3E Avenger. It was manufactured in 1945 by Eastern Aircraft, a division of General Motors. The Avengers that were actually manufactured by Grumman were designated "TBF". The Avenger made its combat debut during the Battle Of Midway. The debut was less than auspicious . Six Avengers were launched from Midway, without fighter escort, to attack the approaching Japanese fleet. Jumped by Zeros during their torpedo runs, five Avengers were shot down while the sixth was so badly shot-up that it barely made it back to Midway and was forced to land with one of its main gear still retracted. The pilot survived but plane was scrapped. Despite the inauspicious start, the Avenger went on to have a huge impact in both the Pacific and Atlantic theaters.

Some highlights of the Avenger's wartime contribution include the sinking of six Japanese transports in one day by aircraft from a single squadron; sinking the world's largest battleships—the Musashi and Yamato; shooting down 98 planes in aerial combat; and sinking 31 German submarines in the Atlantic. Of course, in popular lore there is also this TBM footnote: In 1945, five TBM's from the Ft. Lauderdale NAS on a routine training flight disappeared in the area popularly known as the "Bermuda Triangle". Despite several false alarms over the years, the remains of the planes have yet to be found.