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This is a Prescott Pusher, a four-place design of the mid 80's. Owner Ole Sindberg completed his plane in 1998 after an 11 year building process. He did a beautiful job too. One might initially think that the plane is of foam/fiberglass composite construction but actually it is a welded steel tube frame (square tubes!) with aluminum skinned wings and tail. A molded fiberglass shell forms the fuselage skin. Flush pop rivets are used to attach the skin to the frame. Here is what Ole said of his airplane last year:

I now have 300 hours on it. The design has several problem areas and the manufacturer stopped production and went out of business after only a few years. I made close to 100 modifications to make this a decent airplane. The engine is a Lycoming O-540 delivering close to 280 hp to a fixed-pitch Prince propeller. Cruise speed is around 200 mph burning 11 to 15 gph. Stall speed is in the area of 80 mph, which I’d like to see reduced, possibly with the use of vortex generators. The airplane is well equipped for IFR. Useful load is 974 pounds. -- Ole Sindberg

It appears that Ole did install vortex generators on the outboard section of the wing. There are only a few Prescott Pushers flying today. Kudos to Ole for persevering in the building process long after the design's shortcoming were known and long after the kit manufacturer went out of business. The Prescott Pusher story is an interesting one. I put together this history of the Prescott Pusher.