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Well, this isn't the Melmoth by a long shot. It isn't even a real airplane. This is a mockup of the yet to fly two-seat ATG Javelin personal jet. The all-metal jet is projected to sell for $2.2 million and fly to a certified ceiling of 49,000 feet with a range of 1,440 sm at 600 mph. The engines are slated to be Williams FJ-33. This will not be a kit—it is to be FAR part 23 certified.


ATG also has military aspirations for their jet in a "homeland defense" role. According to ATG, although its main mission in such a role would be surveillance, intercept, and warning, it could also be used to destroy "terrorist-controlled airborne threats." The first Javelin deliveries are now slated for 2007 but that number has been incrementing yearly for several years.