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Well, this is a surprise. Yes, this is what all the cheering was about. This is the Adam 700 prototype, a turbofan powered derivative of the Rutan designed Adam 500. What is surprising about its arrival here today is the simple fact that the airplane made its first flight only four days ago. This will be quite a publicity coup for Adam Aircraft.


Company spokesmen say type certification is expected in 2004. The engines are 1,200 lb thrust Williams FJ-33 turbofans. With the Eclipse/Williams falling-out fresh on the minds of industry observers, Adam Aircraft was quick to note that, "the FJ-33 met its design thrust and low fuel rate specifications on its very first run and is well along in its certification program." Certification for the FJ-33 engine is expected in late 2003. By the way, the FJ-33 turbofans weigh about 200 lb less each than the Continental TSIO-550E piston engines that power the centerline-thrust Adam 500.